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Icehouse Design is Pattie Belle Hastings and Bjorn Akselsen. We’re based in New Haven, Connecticut, just North of New York City. While we have been tempted at times to expand our practice, we decided to stay small in order to be close to all stages in the creative process. Our strength has always been a generalist approach, with a focus on digital and emerging media. In addition to our design practice, we author artists books, hold workshops and teach design at the university level.

pb photoPATTIE BELLE HASTINGS (PB) was quick to get her hands on a Mac in the 80s and has been experimenting with technology, art and gender issues ever since. Even so, PB maintains a close connection with the more tactile and traditional media and has an extensive publishing and exhibition record. Her titles, such as If You Sleep on the Other Side, It Will go Away (Nexus Press, Atlanta), Alaska; Trail Tales and Eccentric Detours (Icehouse Press) and Elegy: An Intuitive Chronicle of War (Icehouse Press), have been exhibited internationally and can be found in many prestigious collections, such as the Museum of Modern Art Library, Harvard College Library, Yale University Art of the Book Collection, and the New York Public Library Rare Books Collection. In addition to being an accomplished designer and artist, PB's teaching career spans more than 20 years. She is currently chair of the department of Interactive Media and Design at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.

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bjorn photoBJORN AKSELSEN moved to the U.S. from Norway to continue a lifelong intellectual search and education at American universities. This pursuit took him to places such as Atlanta (where he met his wife and partner, Pattie Belle), Boston, New York City, and finally, Yale University. Since finishing his MFA in graphic design at Yale, Bjorn continues to lead Icehouse Design, specializing in education, arts, and the humanities. His work has been published in books such as Typographics 2 (London), New Logo & Trademark Design (Tokyo), Limited Color Graphics (Tokyo), Illustrator Wow Book (U.S.), and in magazines such as Visuelt (Norway) and Print’s Regional Design Annual (U.S.). His work has been exhibited in the Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg, Germany, and ArtSpace in New Haven, Connecticut. His work was recently in Outside In, an international poster exhibit.

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