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Mindful Marks, Pattie Belle's new venture, is the translation of words into pictures, using images as a language for communication, understanding, creativity and problem solving. The process of Visual Thinking also plays a critical role in Design Thinking, in which, ideation, brainstorming, and sketching bring innovation to even the most mundane tasks and challenges.

Many organizations are beginning to realize the power of co-created visuals to capture individual as well as group thinking, conversation, and strategy. Creative leaders recognize this and advocate for the process of thinking through drawing.

As a result, visual meetings are increasingly transforming how we convene. Pattie Belles work seeks to facilitate this process. Find out more at Mindful Marks.

Drawing as Meditation, an exploration of mark making as mindful embodiment. This workshop explores a number of different techniques designed to connect to our primal creative expression while stilling and focusing the mind. Find out more here.

Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Gold Medal in the “picture books for all ages” category, awarded for Classic Bedtime Stories, published by the Greenwich Workshop Press.

Published in 2014, the book was warmly received by a Gustafson's solid fan-base and critics alike. This is the third book we have designed for Scott Gustafson's illustrations.

Icehouse Design received similar dinstinction in 2006 with bronze prize for best coffee table book for Flick Ford's FISH; and silver for best children's lllustrated book in 2008 with Scott Gustafson's Favorite Nursery Rhymes from Mother Goose.

Transforming Yale sites to Drupal CMS. Designed to make web publishing more accessible and affordable to the larger Yale community, the university recently started using the open-source platform with a few templated solutions.

Bjorn is heavily involved in the migration of several web sites to YaleSites, Yale's new Drupal-based CMS. He is busy working on sites such as the Yale Egyptological Institute in Egypt and The Council for Archaeology. 

The work involves customizing the look of the Drupal platform and the pre-set templates that have been adapted for university use.

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