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Love of print While a large portion of our works exists on screen only, our hearts belong with the tangible, material matter that one can pour over in a good chair.

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Making it hang together For years we have been involved in almost all printed matter for Yale University’s Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. With a large student body, diverse offices and priorities, we've constantly met the challenge of presenting a unified look while communicating the excitement of the university and the city.

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The Graduate School’s information prospectus (above) exists online as well as in print and is visually aligned with the many sub-pieces of information, such as the bi-monthly newsletter. This publication is produced on a very quick turn around with a wide range of visual and text assets that must be incorporated to give the effect of consistency and quality.

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An information booklet on the city of New Haven is sent out to admitted students every year. The brochure has been instrumental in introducing the students to their new home town, the city of New Haven.

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